This section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions received at the CapXG website. Click on the question to see related response. Clicking on the question again will hide the response.

General Questions:

What is CapXG?

CapXG is the most dynamic and expansive PE database and financial networking platform available online. We have compiled over 50,000 premium data-entries to serve the intelligence needs of our users. Our data is fully adaptive, allowing approved users to customize their profiles and broadcast their achievements to the CapXG global network

What do I need to do in order to claim a PE profile?

After you register as a Private Equity member type, you can claim an existing PE firm profile if you are, in fact, an employee of the firm. On the firm profile page, click on the “Claim This Firm” button and you will be asked to provide contact information. Shortly after submitting your claim, a representative from CapXG will contact you to verify your identity. If we determine you are eligible to claim your firm, your claim request will be granted and you will be able to manage the firm’s profile, including firm information, portfolio companies and professionals.

What types of benefits do members get when they subscribe to premium service on your website?

A premium member receives a “Featured Listing” for their respective firm profiles. This places their firm at the top of the search results, helping increase visibility and deal flow. Premium members are also able to hide their email addresses from the public, and are able to download significantly more search results into Excel.

How do I search through the database?

Please visit the How it Works section of CapXG. A video tutorial is provided to assist you with all search functions.

How do I use the frequent search?

If you find you regularly select the same criteria when doing searches, you can create a number of frequent searches to speed up the process. First, select the criteria you want to save, and then select the “Add to my Frequent Search” button. Now select a unique name for your search, and click the “Add” button. To access this frequent search in the future, simply click on the “My Saved Searches” button at the top of the page.

Is CapXG free to use?

CapXG is absolutely free to use, and Management intends to keep the site free. There is a premium subscription option for those users who wish to privatize their email addresses and promote their firm’s status.

Who are our members?

Our core users hail from bulge bracket investment banks and Fortune 1000 corporate development teams. We also provide an invaluable M&A resource to underserved professional in boutique advisory firms and privately-held businesses. Beyond industry professionals we serve the educational and networking goals of countless job-seekers outside the world of high finance. 


Technical Questions:

What types of browsers does CapXG support?

We support IE 8.0 or above, Firefox 3.0 or above, Google Chrome 2.0 or above, Safari 3.0 or above. Please note that site display and performance may vary by system and we do not guarantee any results. 


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