How it Works

The CapXG interactive system incorporates cutting edge, adaptive technologies to manage an expansive and evolving database of global Private Equity. For our users, CapXG represents a portal to not only the firms behind Private Equity, but serves as an invaluable introduction to PE advisors, portfolio companies, and the greater financial community.

From the moment users engage the CapXG search engine our system deploys anticipatory protocols to instantly interpret entered text, building user results adaptive on the fly. Using comprehensive target criteria, users can further input term-specific queries cross-referenced to the vast CapXG database, yielding precise returns filtered by:

Private Equity Firms   ■   Portfolio Companies   ■   Lenders   ■   M&A Professionals   ■   Deals & Acquisitions

These results are in turn organized according to:

   ■  Industry
   ■  Portfolio Size
■  Lending Type
   ■  Geography
   ■  Personnel

Our data is fully customizable and integrates user created updates to reflect evolving market events. Approved users may also tailor their unique profiles to highlight their latest achievements, criteria, and personnel.

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The Capital Exchange Database

How Our Clients Put CapXG to Work

  • Investments Bankers
  • Private Equity
  • Corporate M&A Teams
  • Private Business Owners
  • Individuals